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Wall colors and textures are the most important aspects of home decor – your choice of color scheme will affect your furniture and other decor choices. For us, it’s crucial to know which design will work best for us. Choose wrong, and you could be risking an unsatisfied outlook or possible damage to the home!

So before you finalize your design, make sure to study up on whether you should use paint or wallpaper in each room. There’s way more to it than just the color scheme!

For Beginners, the four most important factors to consider while choosing your own wallpaper design include:

The first essential step is to determine the orientation of the wallpaper. If your wall is horizontal, choose only horizontal designs; for vertically oriented walls, go for vertical wallpapers.




Once you have decided the orientation, measure your wall accurately to determine the exact size of the wallpaper required to cover it.

The person living in the room is the best person to decide the theme of the room. At, we have huge rage of themes  (Nature, 3D, Kids, Waterfalls, Embossed & many more…). Just keep your imaginations ON and you will come up with the best theme for you area.

It is mostly advised that  One or Two Opposite walls area can be selected for the wallpaper implementation.  Further the wall / area having windows , cupboards should be avoided, and plain wall should be selected to avoid the wastage and better look of theme.