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Our Work

We are Wallpaperwalaa.com has worked with customers all over India to metamorphose their living and workspaces with Top Quality Wallpaper Printing. In wallpaperwalaa, Customers have selected printed wall designs from over 5,000 designs from our wallpaper collection. We have home, offices, schools, hospital, hotel and different kind of institution used our services. We provide our customer Premium Quality Wallpaper Printing service to create marvelous interiors in an affordable range and as your imagination for your house’s walls.

You can also check out our collections of interior design on our website.wwwwallpaperwalaa.com. On our official site provides all information about our ideas different kinds of wallpaper design, the canvas of best collection, blinds (modern), other home decode accessories.

We are wallpaperwalaa.com, as Interior resource center for architects and interior designers who work in fields of Commercial Interior, Residential interiors & Contracts, we cover a range of Fabrics for Curtain, Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Imported Wallpapers, Laminated Flooring, PVC Flooring, Wallpaperwalaa is an online shopping store that not only retails but also manufactures customize wallpapers according to your choice, which is why wallpaperwalaa is in a league apart from other providers.

We have water proof wallpaper for walls are provided on American thickened. The wallpaper provide a textured finish for the wall. We provide wall to wall carpets, buy securely with 100% inconvenience-free trade committed, professional measurement and installation, with the 3-year service experience.


We are the wallpaperwalaa, have a well-skilled, experienced and hardworking teams who put in their hard work, imagination and new idea’s to create different kinds of wallpaper design and make top quality material than your wallpaper reaches you in time.

Wallpaper printing starts from the workstation of our creative graphic designers who create these incredible & stunningly wallpaper designs. Today we have over 5,000 designs and add to these designs every single week!

Your selected wallpaper then goes through our hard-working and efficient production team. Those facilities are provided for our customer that Wallpaperwalaa on the best quality paper and ensure zero wastage. Then wallpaper has packaged safely and dispatched by our customer service team, they are always at your disposal for all online wallpaper queries.

The wallpaperwalaa reaches almost every doorstep and is given life through our installation team and your imagination is on your walls!

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