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Wallpaperwalaa, we are provides stylish and brighten up even the dullest parts of your house. Our customize and printed wallpaper makes great efforts to as per your specific requirements. With 5000+ design and 41+ category hung wall coverings are bound to last three times longer in in collating to paint. In this content, we are provides all the detail of our company police, kindly read Terms & Conditions in the bellow:

Sailing Policy

Wallpaperwalaa, our sailing every order is treated as a custom order and therefore printed, packaged and shipped with great care. Through our FREE sailing Policy, we ensure that you do not pay ANY additional sailing charges for any wallpaper orders placed on our website. However for certain products, additional shipping charges may apply.

We request you to kindly read the Terms & Conditions of our free Shipping Policy stated below before placing an order atwallpaperwalaa.com

We are wallpaperwalaa provide doorstep-delivery policy allows you to get your wallpaper delivered at the address of your choice.

If any case our sailing partners do not provide service as your area, we inform you before printing your wallpaper and refund your payment within 5 working days.

We sail our custom wallpaper anywhere in India, absolutely FREE of cost. For certain products having a value of less than Rs. 5000/-, standard shipping charges may apply.

All orders are dispatched within 5-7 working days from the date of order placement. Shipment of your order may take up to 5-7 working days after dispatch to reach you.

Sailing Outside From India

Wallpaperwalaa also sail wallpapers to the U.S., UK, Middle East and the Far East. However, overseas shipping does not fall under the Free Shipping Policy and all extra shipping charges are applied on overseas orders.

However, in certain restriction, may lead you to return the product. Such instances are clearly highlighted in our Return & Refund Policy.

Return / Refund Policy

Wallpaperwalaa.com creates great adroitness to print and customize the wallpapers as per your , peculiar, recondition. Although, certain circumstances may lead you to return the product. Such instances are clearly highlighted in our Return / Refund Policy.

We request you to kindly read the Terms & Conditions stated below carefully before placing an order at wallpaperwalaa.com


You may return Refunds

Thank you for shopping our site!

Wallpaperwalaa.com, extremely hearten, the acquisition of a sample before a full order to confirm color as screen color may not match physical products. Our wallpaper patterns and murals are made to order just for you! Hence, we do not accept returns.

In case of damage during sailing, please retain all packaging materials and contact us. We will immediately contact the carrier, while also producing replacement material as soon as possible. Whenever, Product in case of:


  • Incorrect specifications in terms of size and / or design provided by you.
  • Damaged or tampered order packaging at the time of receipt.

Return in Case Of Tinker with Packaging

If at the time of receipt, you find your order packaging to be open, damaged or tinker with, we clearly suggest that you DO NOT accept your order.  In such cases you must:

  • Ask the courier to take the order back.
  • Inform us immediately (within 24 hours) about the situation by sending an email to Wallpaperwalaa.com so that we can take restorative, action as soon as possible..




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