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There could be slight variation in color shade between Electronic Screen Diplay and Acutal Printed Material in acceptable range.

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Grey Floral Wallpaper

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Colorful Backgrounds for Walls Decor

Art without context can seem incomplete, so does interior decor without colorful backgrounds for walls! This is why you need these colorful wallpapers from our collection of Backgrounds for the perfect interior decor in your living or work space. Our collection of cool wallpapers provide the best backdrop for your entire room decor; imagine cool and soft backgrounds like yellow clouds, Scandinavian abstract and paint grunge against which you can plan your entire room.


These colorful backgrounds for walls can be statement pieces on their own or used with other interesting wall d├ęcor like clocks, paintings and wall hangings which can be used to enhance the decor of the room. Our selection of colorful wallpapers has designs to suit all spaces be it your living room, bedroom or private executive room in the office. Let your imagination soar and paint the blank canvas of your walls with our colorful backgrounds for walls, creating decor magic!

Steps to complete the order: >> 1. Choose Wallpaper Printing Material from the drop down menu below. >> 2. Choose Measurement Units ( It is highly recommended to measure in Inches precisely). >>3. Enter the Height and Width of the wall's are where wallpaper is to be fixed (Note:Always keep margin of 2 Inches extra to Height & Width of walls to mitigate the risk of short wallpaper. ) >>4. Click "Add to Cart". If required you can add more item by repeating Steps 1 to 4. >> 5.Review the final order / Cart and make the payment online. Order confirmation intimation will be displayed on screen. Also same will be send to you through email. Our Material

Order with such dimensions are not accepted. Kindly review the dimensions.

ParagPlease following steps to complete the order: 1. Choose Printing Material from the drop down menu below. 2. Choose Measurement Units (Feet , Inches ,CMs etc.). 3. Enter the width and height of the area of wall where wallpaper is to be fixed. 4. Click button Set Print Area to customize the design 5. Add to Cart. raph

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